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Why you need a mobile friendly website?

1. Everyone uses a mobile.

A whopping 1.2 BILLION people are accessing the Internet from a mobile device. Even more incredible is that 80% of all of these users access the web from a smartphone. This makes it highly likely that ANYONE surging the web is doing so from a mobile phone.

These numbers are increasing year on year and so is the need for your website to be mobile friendly. Everyone is on mobile and your business NEEDS to be their too.

2. Google likes mobile!

Google favours websites that are mobile friendly and ranks responsive websites higher for its search results.

A major algorithm change means that Google now significantly penalises websites that do not meet their standards for mobile friendliness. If you want to generate more organic traffic to your website then a mobile responsive website is a MUST!

3. Most web traffic is now on mobile.

Over 60% of ALL mobile traffic comes from a mobile device. Every business owner would love to increase traffic to their website and, with well over half of all traffic being on mobile, its vital that your business joins the mobile movement!

4. Mobile users do not engage with desktop websites.

Have you ever tried navigating your way around a desktop site from your mobile? It’s hard work! Mobile users just don’t bother and it’s yet another reason why your business needs to look great on mobile. When you get traffic to your website, the last thing you want is for them to click off and go elsewhere!

5. Mobile websites look great!

Mobile websites can look fantastic and represent your business in the right way online.

Internet users want to see current, diverse and forward thinking businesses that give them the confidence to go ahead and get in touch.

See for yourself below how great mobile websites can look.

Go mobile with getfoundUK!

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